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Dental hygiene therapy is an essential aspect of the prevention of oral disease. It is also vital in the treatment of gum conditions and maintaining your mouth healthy thereafter.

Why is it necessary?

Millions of bacteria build up on your teeth every day. Plaque hardens to form dental scale, also referred to as tartar or calculus. This can only be removed from your teeth by professional cleaning.

If left unchecked it will, unfortunately, lead to problems such as bad breath, bleeding gums, decay, infections and the loss of teeth. Preventing the development of such problems gives you peace of mind and saves you the time and money required to treat the issues. There is evidence to suggest a link between gum issues and general health problems such as diabetes and heart attacks, so dental hygiene therapy should be viewed as part of your overall health plan.

A collaborative approach brings benefits

At Peartree Clinic Welwyn the dentist and hygienist work closely together to detect and treat the early signs of decay and gum disease. Your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned to remove plaque and scale using the most up to date and painless techniques and equipment, preventing disease, leaving you feeling incredibly fresh and enhancing your appearance and smile. You will also be provided with a dental health maintenance plan to follow at home to ensure you maintain the results for as long as possible.

If you already have a pre-existing gum condition, you will benefit from deep cleaning and tailor-made treatment specific to your needs, as well as long-term follow-up and maintenance care.