The Problem

You may have no natural teeth left in one or both of your jaws (also called arches). You may be fed up of having to limit your diet or avoid certain social situations because you are embarrassed of your dentures or are worried they will let you down. You may have experienced loss of confidence and self-esteem because of the loss of your teeth.

What’s the Benefit of Implant Supported Bridges?

One of the most challenging, but equally most rewarding, dental implant therapies involves the replacement of all teeth in one or both jaws.

It requires meticulous planning and the cooperation of multiple implant team members and technicians to achieve. We make use of cutting edge guided surgery, computer-aided design and manufacturing processes to achieve the best implant solution. Various configurations can be used to achieve the full arch restoration, such as multiple smaller bridges or a larger bridge retained over a bar.

We will ensure we select the most appropriate restoration for you based on your expectations of treatment, your anatomy and available bone for implant placement, and the budget you are working to.

Full arch implant restorations look, feel and function like normal teeth. They are permanently fixed, do not need to be removed at night or interfere with speech and taste, and will allow you to chew and smile confidently, often helping to restore sunken cheeks and lips where the natural tooth support has gone.

Why Chose Peartree Clinic Welwyn?

We are UK trained and use only the highest quality implants, materials and specialist laboratories with a long history of reliable and professional service to ensure we achieve the best results possible. An overview of the implant therapy process can be seen HERE (link to process).

Dr Christopher Hajistilly has achieved the Master of Clinical Dentistry (Implant Dentistry) degree and is a member of the ‘International Team for Implantology’ regularly attending and contributing to study clubs and conferences. Our team remains up to date with the latest training, materials, methods and technology. We use this knowledge and training to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients.