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Natalie’s Experience
Before I started the teeth whitening treatment I experienced slight discolouring particularly on one of my front teeth as the nerve had died following trauma.

I whitened them over the course of 6 weeks using whitening gel and a custom-made mouth guard with the help of Peartree Dental Practice. Chris was great, very friendly and made me feel very comfortable.

I was a little worried the treatment would struggle to whiten the front tooth making it more obvious, but Chris reassured me but also letting me know of any alternatives if this was the case.

I was and still am very happy with the results, the treatment has levelled out all my teeth and you can’t tell of any discolouring in the front tooth. People have noticed and complimented my teeth and I feel much more confident to smile!


I first visited Chris at the Peartree Clinic back in Aug 2014 I had heard about Invisalign and the lifetime benefits that came with it.

On my first visit I knew that Invisalign was for me not only because of the high quality results but knowing my dentist was there every step of the way was a relief that eventually after years of hating my teeth I would achieve the look I had always wanted!!

The plan was devised on a monthly basis, the cost affordable as after a deposit I could pay in flexible stages as long as the full price was paid before treatment was completed. Don’t get me wrong – this wasn’t going to happen overnight and in the first few weeks they were uncomfortable. I was 36 when I started my treatment it took nearly two years……..I seriously had the worst teeth imaginable!

When I was happy, Chris my dentist thought we could do better and carried on until my teeth were beautiful, not only the dentist himself but all the staff were there for me.

I had the option of a brace when I was younger but unfortunately I was too vain and worried about how the metal ‘train-tracks’ would look to go ahead with treatment. People don’t realise that even after successful treatment as a child if you don’t wear your retainers your teeth quickly move back to how they were. Chris and the team made it very clear that I would have to wear retainers for life to avoid that happening to me and everything that was required throughout treatment and after was clearly explained.

Invisalign gives you the choice – the more you wear them the better the results you will get. The only time I removed Invisalign was for eating and drinking…. no one even noticed I was wearing them.

Slowly my confidence grew, I could finally smile and show my teeth. Invisalign is designed on the individual, nobody’s teeth are the same you could have a 6-month plan, a year or longer that’s why it’s the most advanced, leading, non-surgical procedure!!

At the Peartree Clinic they want the best results as much as you, they never give up, they will reassure you 24/7 it’s not just there job it’s about making you smile again. I can only show you through the pictures and personal experience that for me there was only one choice…. INVISALIGN!!

Thank you so much!


After years of having crooked teeth I decided to enquiry about options available to help me get my teeth straightened.

This was when I spoke to my dentist Christopher Hajistilly about Invisalign. I’ve never been that confident in a dentist chair and was quite apprehensive about the treatment but Chris soon put my fears at ease. He went through the whole plan explaining everything that I needed D wanted to know. I soon decided to go ahead with the treatment and after 35 years of wonky teeth this was one the best decisions I made. The treatment started and Chris was very reassuring about the process, he always had time to answer any questions or fears along the way.

I knew I had made the right choice in letting Chris help me. Over the weeks/months I could clearly see the changes in my teeth and wearing the braces didn’t seem as intrusive as they once did. Friends started to comment on the changes and how good they looked and often didn’t even realise I was actually wearing braces whilst talking to them.

I won’t lie and say the whole treatment was easy as there were times I get fed up and didn’t want to wear them anymore but I spoke to Chris about it and he understood but he reassured me that it would all be worth it, and it was for sure. I now have teeth that don’t make me conscious when I smile. The funny thing is I have to actually learn how to smile properly instead of half smiling to hide my wonky teeth.

I would 100% recommend Chris to anybody who is considering Invisalign. Initially the cost did seem quite high but the end result made the cost seem like not much at all. All that’s left to say is a big thank you to Christopher and his team and to anybody thinking about this treatment, work with Chris and his team and you won’t be disappointed.


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my recent teeth whitening results.

For most of my life I have felt a little conscious of my slightly discoloured canine teeth and bottom teeth.  I have enquired several times over the years, with different dentists, about teeth whitening but it seemed expensive, an uncomfortable process and results were not long lasting.

I then transferred to your good self and dare I say it…… upon reaching the glorious age of 50 I thought it was time to try and start reversing the ageing process.  Alongside Gaynor, your dental nurse, you explained the process very simply without any ‘hard sell’.   It was also reassuring to see before and after photos of previous clients as well as talking at length to Gaynor who has also used the product herself.

The procedure to make an impression of my teeth was simple and quick and one week later I collected the whitening gels and the mouth trays along with a demonstration on how to administer the gels and how much.

I started immediately although I must admit I probably used a little too much bleach the first time which you had previously explained does happen until I get used to operating the syringe.  I thought I would find the mouth tray uncomfortable to wear during the night but it’s thin and very flexible and easy to wear.  I managed all through the night first time.  In the morning I just rinsed out the tray and cleaned my teeth as normal, there was no residue or after taste. Occasionally some teeth were a little sensitive but as advised by you, I used Sensodyne toothpaste which helped enormously.  The improvement was noticeable after the first week.  The best thing about it is you can target individual teeth to whiten which does not waste the gels on other teeth which do not need whitening so much.

Aftercare was superb – I made 10 min appointments with you every 2-3 weeks just to ensure I had no problems and on the last appointment I collected additional gel syringes.

I will continue to use this product as and when I want, perhaps before a special event…. wedding, christening etc. for a ‘boost’ and it’s good to know I can purchase the extra bleach from your dental surgery without having to pre-order.

I would definitely recommend Christopher Hajistilly and Peartree Clinic Welwyn’s dental services as well as this amazing product. It’s a good investment, easy to use and I can honestly say I now feel 49 not 50!  Why did I wait so long to do it?!


I came to Peartree Clinic after having problems chewing after a back tooth extraction. As the tooth had been supporting a bridge, I had been left with a big gap and could not chew on that side. This also put a lot of pressure on the teeth on the other side.

I was very apprehensive about having dental implants, but was reassured at every stage. Chris explained everything very clearly and always gave considered responses to any questions I had, whether during the appointment, by email or by phone. He is a great communicator and his work is meticulous.

The implant process takes several months, but it was certainly worth the wait. Although dental implants are expensive, I feel that for me the investment has been well worth it. The standard of treatment is high, I am really glad I decided to have the implants, very happy with the final result and particularly that I chose Peartree Clinic. All of the staff are very professional, but also friendly and relaxed, and the informal atmosphere put me at my ease.

I would certainly recommend Chris and Peartree Clinic to anyone – in fact, I’ve already recommended him to various friends. All in all a positive experience!


I came to Peartree Clinic Welwyn because I had discoloured teeth and wanted to get my teeth whitened. I was pleased the team there were able to help with this.

I had imprints made into gum shields. This was important as it would fit the shape of my teeth perfectly.

The overall experience was very relaxing and pain free. The quality of the service was excellent and professional throughout. The product i.e. the gum shields were custom made for me, and the gel packs are not too expensive and very easy to use. The care provided from start to finish was incredibly good. Especially having a free follow up appointment to see how I was getting on with my treatment.

The major benefits for me are that I no longer feel self-conscious when I am talking or smiling as I know my teeth are much whiter. It’s reassuring to know that in the future I can just have the odd top-up treatment using the trays I have at home to keep my teeth white. This has given me more self-confidence, especially now when I look back at photographs.

I would highly recommend taking the teeth whitening service if you are considering it! The process for me was very quick and easy. The overall cost was very reasonable and included the procedure, gum shields, gel packs and check-up. So overall the cost was good value, especially considering the future benefits it will bring.

The whole experience has been well worth it and I would not hesitate to discuss further dental treatments with Peartree Clinic Welwyn in the foreseeable future.


From a young age I had been picked on for my gappy teeth, for a while I never smiled in photos and would be paranoid about people looking at my teeth and throughout my teenage and young adult years I had constantly debated looking for a solution to give me more confidence when smiling. My only issue was that all in all I disliked going to the dentist and had zero relationship with the several dentists whom I used in the past and therefore would never have trusted them to do any cosmetic treatment, along with the prices I imagined the process to cost.

I had heard fantastic reviews about Peartree and contacted the team to make an appointment with Chris. He was not pushy and after a quick check – up we discussed our options and I went away to have a think what would be the best fit for me, deciding to go with a whitening schedule using home trays and 4 full Porcelain crowns for my upper front teeth to create a natural but more ‘perfect’ look that would fill the gaps.

I was not rushed along and did not feel like this was just a quick process Chris wanted to get done so the money was paid and I was out of the door. My process took as long as it needed to fitting in with my schedule and the teeth whitening was very effective, I am so used to my white teeth now I barely recognise my before photos. Chris explained the different crowns I could go with and the prices this would work out at, along with the process and what would happen step by step. Although on the day of preparation I was uncomfortable I was greeted with a smile and made to feel as comfortable as I possibly could with the work completed at my pace – no rushing here I was able to have a break whenever I needed one.

My teeth are fantastic, so natural and I am constantly smiling and receiving compliments from friends and family as well as complete strangers who are shocked when I advise that they are in fact Crowns and can’t believe they are not my own teeth. I also know that although my procedure is now finished, Chris and the team are only one call away and this after care is second to none.

If you are considering this treatment but are unsure for any reason please pop in and see Chris and the team. I don’t know why I waited so long to have this procedure done because I am ever so happy with my teeth now, I am more confident when having photos done grinning away like a Cheshire cat and it was really boosted my confidence.

Thanks again Chris and Peartree!!


Since childhood I have received dental treatment from various dentists but never quite had the confidence or trust in the work they carried out. I felt the quality of work wasn’t to a high standard and somehow the final cost was always more than was originally quoted.

In 2008 my husband suggested I visit his Dentist, Christopher Hajistilly. I was so pleased and happy with his service and attitude to his patients that I decided to follow him to Peartree Clinic Welwyn and never looked back.

I recently lost my lower molar tooth due to nerve infection and had to decide from following options:

– keep the gap from the missing tooth
– have a bridge fitted, which required work on the healthy teeth for the crowns to be fixed to
– have a Dental Implant

Due to my age and I suppose vanity keeping a gap was out of question and I certainly didn’t want to ruin my good teeth for the crowns to be fixed on, I therefore went for the single implant option.

This is expensive but I was pleased Peartree Clinic provides interest free finance.

The procedure took 6 month to complete and frequent regular visits to ensure my gum and bone were healing well accepting implant. Mr Hajistilly kept me informed of every single step of the procedure and what to expect including looking after my implant.

When I finally had my implant fitted I was absolutely amazed how great it looked absolutely natural you can’t even tell it’s not real. The main benefit for me is that I can literally laugh out loud and eating food is just normal i.e. don’t get my gum stubbed by hard crisps.

Mr Hajistilly and his dental nurse Donna were absolutely fantastic, including the rest of the team, there was never a problem for Paula to re-schedule my appointment and everything was explained to me fully. I felt I was in good hands and actually I now look forward to my dental check-ups.

I finally found an honest, reliable dentist who cares about his patients and to whom I can trust.

Yours Sincerely


Firstly, I would like to say thank you so much for taking on the almost impossible task of making my extremely crooked teeth look so much better.

From the first day I met you and your team to discuss whether I could proceed with treatment, I felt that I would be in good hands. I was impressed with you and your team’s confidence and reassurance that the treatment would be worth the time and effort in the long term. You and your dental nurses were also very good at helping me relax during my many appointments and procedures.

I was also very grateful for your constant help in the early stages of treatment, especially when I had my first ever tooth extraction and there was no going back, your reassuring e-mails helped me no end.

As it turns out the results are better than I could have ever anticipated and I do not regret one single day of treatment and am happy that I went with your practice. Now that the treatment is over, I reflect on the last 18 months and I am so pleased that I invested the time, money and effort in getting my ugly teeth sorted! I would not hesitate to recommend you and your team to anyone considering this type of treatment in the future.

Best wishes and thanks again.


Having witnessed the amazing results Invisalign had achieved for a close friend I visited Chris as a referral from her. My teeth were not in the worst shape but a family-inherited crossover of my front teeth was starting to take effect and wanting to improve this was my key reason for visiting Pear Tree Clinic. Chris, Gaynor and Paula could not do enough for me, from arranging the most convenient appointments to making sure the whole experience was as comfortable as possible.

Invisalign as a ‘brace’ was very comfortable and convenient to wear. I work with the public and did not want to make it very obvious I was straightening my teeth. Most people had no idea I was wearing an aligner until I told them and having this control was a big positive point for me. Being able to remove the retainer to eat was great as friends who had previously had ‘train tracks’ told me how inconvenient it could be when food became stuck in their wires!

Chris made the entire treatment easy from start to finish, and was always at the end of an email for any queries I had! To anyone considering Invisalign and wondering if it’s worth the investment I would always say go for it!!

As an adult, wearing Invisalign means you do not have to worry about embarrassing situations that may arise as a result of wearing ‘train tracks’, even if this may be slightly cheaper in some instances. I now only have to wear my retainers at night and the beauty of this is I can also whiten my teeth comfortably and easily in the retainer/trays!

I’m so happy with my new smile and constantly recommend Invisalign and Pear Tree Clinic to anyone I can! Chris is currently treating at least three of my close friends!


Dear Christopher

I am extremely pleased with the level of care and professionalism I received whilst I attended the dental surgery. My son recommended I visit Peartree Clinic Welwyn, since he is already a patient at the practice.

The whitening and trays during application of the treatment were thoroughly explained to me. Any questions I had were answered to a high degree, making the process extremely simple. The results of the treatment could be seen within a few applications.

The cost of the treatment is very reasonable. The time spent at the clinic and during the application of the whitening product was and is a great investment. The interval consultation and assessment appointments during the use of the home whitening kit were included in the price with no hidden extras.

I highly recommend the service to anyone who would like to improve the appearance of their teeth. The product really works.

All staff at the Peartree Clinic made me feel welcome as a patient.

Thanks once again


To the team at Peartree Clinic Welwyn,

Since my childhood I have had protruding front teeth, and over the years I had frequently thought about correcting this problem.

I have always been put off before, by the thought of wires, blocks and tooth removal which was the “normal” treatment.

During a regular check-up I mentioned this to my dentist Mr Christopher Hajistilly who suggested the Invisalign system. We then had an in-depth discussion about the procedure, and the associated benefits.

During my treatment I found Chris and his team to be friendly and welcoming. The customer service that I received was excellent, with regular contact from them, reminding me of forthcoming appointments and other major milestones.

This is by far the best dental experience I have ever had and my teeth not only look better but I feel that it was a good investment in both the time and money, as it has now given me a perfect smile, which all my friends have remarked on.

I would not hesitate to recommend Chris and his team, for any dental treatment and in particular the Invisalign system, as it certainly worked for me.

I can’t thank you enough.


I would like to say that you are the best Dentist I have ever been to, as you make everyone feel comfortable and not nervous of being at the dentist; I am not scared to have treatment anymore. I decided to treat myself by having my teeth whitened and after talking to Chris about this he advised me of the treatment and this is one of the best things I have bought for myself – I only wish I had done it years ago.

The time you devote and the patience you display is excellent, as well as the clear explanation of how the whitening works. Moulds were taken of the teeth; I returned a week later and was given the whitening gel and the gum shield to start the treatment. You have several follow up appointments to see how you are doing and have photos taken when you start and later to see the improvement. This was all included in the one off payment and is very well worth it. Chris worked in a Stevenage practice for a couple of years and that’s how I know him. My husband and I then followed him to Welwyn Garden City; we would recommend him to anyone.

Yours sincerely,


Having spent many years with dental problems I found myself at the age of 72 having to find a new dentist, I was recommended by friends to see Mr Christopher Hajistilly. How very glad I did. From the very start of joining his practice I felt I could completely trust his advice on any treatment I needed.

After he fully explained to me all the choices available for my dental needs, I chose to have implants, mainly because I could not bear the thought of dentures. I did not want the inconvenience of managing a denture on a day to day basis. I wanted a long term permanent solution and after a detailed and open consultation with Christopher, having implants was definitely the right solution for me.

I was naturally apprehensive about having implants as it was a lengthy process but Christopher was wonderful, thorough, caring and totally professional. The treatment plan was at a pace I was comfortable with. He explained clearly and calmly throughout each of the procedures, what he was doing and what I should expect. I always felt I was in safe hands which enabled me to feel relaxed and reassured at all times.

Whilst there was some very minor discomfort as would be expected with any dental surgery, I was amazed at how relatively pain-free it was. The aftercare instructions were comprehensive, clear and easy to follow. I was careful to ensure I followed them very carefully to ensure I had no complications throughout. Since the final fitting of the implants I can smile with confidence and eat again properly.

Needless to say I am absolutely delighted with the results; the cost and the time from start to finish have been well worth it for the fabulous natural looking results. I would fully recommend anybody considering implants, to go ahead.

I would like to thank Christopher and the team for their kindness, patience, and attention to detail during my treatment.


Dear Chris,

Upon losing one of my front teeth last year I realized I had a number of options available to me –

1 – Do nothing, accept the ‘gap’ – with the prospect that I could no longer smile with confidence.
2 – Wear a denture to camouflage the missing tooth.
3 – Undergo treatment to incorporate a ‘bridge’ to replace the missing tooth.
4 – Undergo treatment to incorporate the installation of an implant to replace the missing tooth.

Upon visiting your surgery, you carefully explained the alternatives to me, including the procedures, the time scales, and including the advantages, disadvantages and risks associated with each option. The difference in cost of the options was also a factor that I had to consider. I carefully considered the alternatives, eventually deciding to undergo the procedure to have an implant. The final session to fit the tooth took place last week.

The conclusion is – despite the length of time involved from start to finish – I am delighted with the outcome and my new ‘smile’ is a credit to your patient, professional and perfectionist attention to my treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend the procedure to anyone with a similar predicament. I wish you continuing success in your role as an expert in Dentistry!

Yours sincerely,


My initial visit to the Peartree Clinic was to inquire about registering as patient. I had not attended a dentist for over 20 years and my previous experiences elsewhere were not positive. I was anxious about both the treatment and the cost, in addition to this feeling embarrassed and worried that as I had not visited a dentist for such long time that I might be judged: however this was not the case. I was reassured that I could start with a check-up, this would be followed up with an itemised list of the treatment so that I would know exactly what was required. An appointment was offered to me quickly and I attended my first appointment feeling both nervous and scared. Christopher Hajistilly the dentist was friendly and reassuring, talking me through what was going to happen at each stage, going at a pace that I was comfortable with.

My nervousness and apprehension was reflected in my body language and during all of my treatment Christopher was sensitive and perceptive, being able to recognise my personal trigger points, taking steps to minimise any stress and reassure me, working at a pace that suited me. I was worried that I was in danger of losing some of my teeth, and was quickly reassured that this in fact was not the case and although there was work required it was all manageable. Working together with the dentist I was able to decide and prioritise on what treatment to start with, this gave me a feeling of being in control and the opportunity for me to build up my confidence for example by starting on the front teeth as this was an area that that made me feel self-conscious.

On subsequence appointments I was always greeted with a warm friendly smile and the rapport between the dentist and the dental nurse was very evident, always upbeat and inclusive, as I became a part of that team. My confidence built up as I was able to see and feel the results of the treatment; prior to this I had never had a white filling and was very impressed with how they looked. My expectations were exceeded when finally a crown was fitted on my last appointment, it looks and feels wonderful. I had not realised how much of a difference it would make, as I had gone so long without.

My advice to anyone thinking about treatment is to take that first step, as in my experience this is a practice that you can trust, the end results have made it worthwhile and the overall experience has in fact been a positive one. The investment that I have made now both in time and money has been very worthwhile as in addition to the improvement of my dental health, I now have the confidence to continue to attend regular check-up’s in the future minimising the risk of further treatment and cost.

The quality of the work is excellent; again this is a good investment for the future. Having this work done has also had a positive impact on my general wellbeing and confidence, previously I was worried about my dental health and the fear of attending the dentist, and this is now not the case and that is something you cannot put a price on.


Recently my wife very kindly paid for me to have my teeth whitened at Peartree Clinic Welwyn. Apparently she felt my smile needed freshening up! I found Peartree Clinic Welwyn gave me all the advice and information I needed before going ahead with the treatment without making me feel under any pressure to have anything done.

The staff were very knowledgeable and the most important factor for me was that the treatment did exactly what Chris and the team promised it would. I was slightly concerned I would end up looking like I had false teeth. However this was not the case at all and I am extremely pleased with the end result. I feel it was a good investment of time and money. I got what I wanted from my treatment and a lot quicker than I expected.

After only a few days the treatment was already noticeable and the end result is exactly what I wanted – natural looking white teeth.

Many thanks!


For many years I considered doing something to improve my smile since it affected my confidence. I didn’t want anything invasive, especially since I get quite nervous at the dentist, so I left it for years.

I finally decided to treat myself with Invisalign since I could have straight teeth with virtually invisible braces. If I had known I could have such lovely straight teeth and confident smile with such little effort I would have done it a long time ago!

The staff at Peartree Dental Practice were so friendly and helpful and always made my appointments fun. I really can’t believe how easy Invisalign is and how quickly it completely changed my smile, people are now always complementing my teeth! It is one of the best investments I have ever made in myself my only regret is not doing it sooner. Thank you again to Chris and the team for being so wonderful!!

Love x


When I first met Christopher I was greeted as a friend; he made me feel welcome and at ease. He explained the procedure clearly and told me not to be afraid of asking questions. I have no hesitation in recommending him to other people. He was very professional. I feel it was a good investment as I can now smile knowing my teeth look normal. He also told me if I have any problems to just go and see him.

Yours Thankfully,


I just wanted to say thank you all so much for the great treatment that I have received from you all during my visits for my dental implant. I received courteous and expert attention at all times from everyone – your friendly and efficient receptionists, your equally friendly and capable assistants and, of course, you and your colleagues.

To begin with I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect but everything was explained all the way through. I also liked the way that the payment plan was set up. My implant is great and it feels like my own tooth. I would definitely recommend you to others and have another one done if necessary.

Although the treatment can be time consuming due to the length of time between visits the actual time spent at the clinic during the procedure was short. I am delighted that the implant has given me a good chewing area. If anyone should ask me if a dental implant is a good idea for dealing with lost teeth, my answer would be a definite ‘Yes’! I would recommend implants to my friends and relatives with complete confidence.