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Teeth whitening is a remarkable treatment that can give you an incredible smile and boost your confidence. It is effective, simple, safe and non-invasive and does not damage your teeth.

Why is it necessary and what are the benefits?

Just as hair, eye and skin colour can vary, so does the natural colour of teeth. Some are naturally yellow or grey, and all teeth tend to get darker with age. They are stained by eating and drinking colour-containing foods such as red wine, curry, tea and coffee. Smoking also stains the teeth. Occasionally they may be stained and become dark as a result of trauma or root canal treatments.

All of this can lead to a dull smile, loss of confidence and even an unhealthy appearance. Teeth whitening treatments safely and quickly restore and improve a natural, healthy, beautiful and radiant smile you will be proud to show off.

What is involved?

At Peartree Clinic Welwyn we are pleased to offer our clients ‘home’ whitening treatment options.

Home whitening allows you to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. It is ideal for first-time treatment or maintenance ‘top-up’ treatments.

The dentist will make a record of the shade of your teeth and take impressions. Your own custom-made whitening trays will be produced. The trays are fitted and checked for comfort, and easy-to-follow instructions are given to you along with professional whitening gels for use at home, either for a short time during the day or overnight whilst you sleep.

Every day there you will notice your teeth getting lighter, giving you control over exactly how white the teeth become. The results will last for many years without any further treatment. If you desire you can maintain and enhance your beautiful smile with ‘top-up treatments’, though this is not essential and you will not be tied to any long-term commitment to whitening the teeth.

Are there any side effects?

Teeth whitening is completely safe and does not remove any of the tooth surfaces. Occasionally some clients will experience a temporary sensitivity to hot or cold during whitening. This is not a permanent side effect, very quickly disappears, and can be relieved by the use of sensitive toothpaste.